Be the GO TO Lash Queen

Lashes are a massive part of the beauty industry at the moment and it’s hard to be able to stand out amongst the other beauty salons out there offering the same. Maybe you don’t even offer lashes as you have not trained in it yet! Well now is the time to train in lashes and use quality brands to give your clients the best experience possible.

So how do you become that GO TO LASH Queen that everyone wants to go to?

1. The first thing that you need to be looking at, if you are not currently trained is to gain that qualification for becoming a lash artist/tech.  There are many different companies that offer lash training, you might look for someone local or you might look for the cheapest within your budget, this is a BIG NO. Some training establishments have 10 or more attending at a time and others just give you a basic overview of the training. My advise is to contact all of the training opportunities in your area or just outside your area and ask as many questions as possible. You should be asking about their accreditation and how this will work with your insurance cover, what kit you will be supplied with, if any. Will there be an opportunity to come back for extra training after your initial day of training?

All of these extras will allow you to see how much support you will be getting. It’s not just about getting that certificate at the end of your training, it’s also about the help you will require afterwards.

2. Does the company that you are training with have it’s own lash brand?

Having your lash training company have it’s own lash brand means that you are able to find out where the lashes have come from and how they are made. Being able to know this will give your clients the confidence that you are supplying them with the best quality.  A lot of clients are looking for more natural and organic products and although there are some areas that we are unable to do this with having lashes that are cruelty free will be a bit plus.

3. Know your lash cycle.

Although this may not be something you think about but  our lashes have an 8 week cycle meaning that some people’s lashes won’t last as long as someone else’s. This is a bonus if you are able to tell your clients this as it means they are aware of the process and are able to out this towards their lash shedding rather than them thinking you may have done something to cause them to fall out faster than they expected. Invest in good quality glue that will give great retention for your client.

4.How often do they do training?

Look for a training company that have regular training dates available for their trainees. The trainer will be more knowledgeable with regards to the information being provided and they will have a good understanding of how each individual person learns and can give you that personal training that’s great for you.

Having the best knowledge at the beginning of becoming a lash artist is what is key to become a GREAT lash artist. Having the best products to work with and giving your clients their own knowledge is going to help you be the GO TO lash artist in your area.

I want every lash trainee who comes to me to be able to leave and feel confident that they are able to pursue a career as being a lash artist. Giving trainees the best knowledge and information about how to educate your client as well as giving the client exactly what they are wanting is key. Recently in the last 6 months I have been using as the Brand I work with. Their training is one of the best out there, their products are no top of the lash game. If you are looking for a quality brand for lashes then look no further than these ladies. use silk lashes for all of their lashes, these are cruelty free and I know that your clients will love them. are a UK based lash company that supplied, lashes, pre made fans, russian lashes and accessories to make your lashing business better and grow as well as making your client feel amazing.

I have two Best buys with that all aspiring lash artists need:

The first is this amazing Ergonomic Memo Foam Lash Pillow. My clients absolutely love this item and it adds to your clients experience. Lets face it, they are led down for a long time in one place and if your clients are comfortable then they are going to want to come back. This costs £27.95 Inc VAT and is one of the best buys I have in the salon.

My second best buy from are their pre-fanned lashes. These lashes are

amazing, they are light and fluffy and give the client the feeling of natural lashes but with more volume. These are not to be advertised as russian lashes but they are volume lashes. You can choose from 3D up to 5D and there are 20 fans per row, which is the most the I have personally found, out there on the market at the moment. boxes are such a delight to recieve as well, they are colourful, yet practical. All of the boxes have a magnetic part which keeps your lashes clean and hygienic throughout using and because they also can be recycled as well!!

If you have not trained in Lash Extensions yet, want to take it to the next level and train in Russian Lash extensions or you trained ages ago and want to be able to gain more knowledge about the new techniques and products then get in touch. I can not talk about more, they are just amazing. I am also a Brand Ambassador for and have a range of stock available as well as providing all training needed to become the BEST GO TO LASH ARTIST. If you would like to know more information on training dates then please contact and QUOTE: PAULASTRUTTBEAUTY or call me on 07843 662770 to learn more and book your place.

Go check PINKFISHES.COM out today xx

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