Express Yourself with Nails

I absolutely love nails and the concept that you can express your emotions through your nails, whether that be wearing Jet Black or a Bright Pink to show how your feeling or whether it is just adding a bit of sparkle to stand out.

When I first started out in the beauty industry my first passion was Nails and everything to do with nails. I used to work as a Travel agent when I was just starting out from school. I loved to be able to grow my nails long and then paint designs on them. All my travel clients would make a huge point of asking me if they were my own and that the designs were so amazing. Now I have changed my design skills since then and from hand painting lines and dots I now do 3d Flowers and beautiful handpainted flowers. What I love about nails is that you are able to express your artistic side when you are the nail technician and also for your client to be able to express their mood and feeling.

Bridal nails have grown in the last few years to have beautiful lace designs on their ring finger or designs that show off they are getting married with beautifully simple designs with an added bit of dramatic or detail. My motto is life is too short for boring nails and I always feel my best when my nails are done and looking lovely. From having nude nails to 4d flowers and designs nails are able to take you to places that you never thought. They can cheer you up, make you feel more confident or just make you proud to show off.

I always wondered why Americans were always in the salon getting a manicure or pedicure and it wasn't always about having them done for a special occasion it was to make them feel happy. It was a chance for them to be able to have some "Me time" and relax. It is not always about having your nails done for special events its about feeling good about yourself and having that time to just think about yourself for a bit, plus the added bonus is that everyone you meet after that appointment will comment on your nails and ask you questions about them, and that is where the buzz comes from. Our nails are something that people see all the time from paying for things at the supermarket or reading a book on the train, everyone looks at your nails and will always make a comment on them. It's like women with shoes, whether its male or female we will always see the details and the extra effort that someone has done. I love being able to create stand out nails that people will admire and look it. Its funny that people will always comment when I have them really long and that they are too long, it doesn't matter what's on them its just the length so when they are shorter and have a design or glitter, or whatever they will always comment on the design because they can see that these are more wearable and possible for them to also have stunning nails and not have extra long nails.

No matter whether you are a long, short, dramatic or simple you will always get your nails noticed. so next time you are thinking of giving yourself some ME time or just to be able to spend time out of your normal routine, think about having your nails done or your toes to make you relax and express yourself through those stunning fingers.

I hope that this gives your some inspiration for your next nail visit and if you haven't already then BOOK NOW.


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    1. Hi Sue,

      I use a Gel Polish so goes on the same as regular polish but is dried under a UV or LED nail lamp. The company I use is The Manicure Company x

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