New Garden Salon in Ringwood

Ok so this cabin is now exactly new but it has had a bit of a face lift and loads more space.

I am so excited to be able to share with you my new beauty cabin in Ringwood.

I specialise in nails, lashes and training and if you already know what I do you will have already seen the pictures on my instagram and facebook pages.

I wanted to be able to have a garden salon that would make you feel like you were in a comfortable and relaxing environment and not even realise you were in someone's garden. This project has take me over a year to imagine and create and I am so extremely overwhelmed with the end result. When you start to think about how you would like to have a home salon you think of all the ways tat you can compare yourself to local salons and make sure that your clients are impressed. When I first got to think about it I had a largeish log cabin in the garden but it didn't seem to be doing the job that I needed it to. I was having to move things around for different treatments and I was performing Pedicures from a Office desk chair. I didnt feel that it was professional enough to give me clients the most relaxed environment. So my first plan was to get rid of the cabin I had and just get a larger one. Between looking  at the space I had available in the garden and also the end result that I wanted I would be spending so much money for about 2ft each way more!!! It just didn't make any sense, and then my mum had the best idea. Why not buy another cabin and just attach it to the other one. This was a great idea and one that I was really looking forward to. The thing with this was that no one out there would join the two together!! It didn't seem a big enought job for anyone to take it on. Then my sister-in-law suggested her brother, he is very handy and can seem to do anything with anything. He joined the cabins together and I was able to design it the way I wanted it to be.

I am so pleased with the end result and all my clients can amazed and suprised when they arrive, I get comments like "Its like a real salon" LOL I take this as a complement. Clients or trainees that have never been to be before are amazed that this salon is in my garden  and how lovely it is, which gives me great pride.

I am now able to host amazing trainings and workshops to help other people take their passion for the nail and beauty industry into their business or for them to start their own business just like I did. I believe that being able to show your passion to others is one of the best ways to teach as it gets your trainees so excited for their own adventures.

So if you are looking for a location that is NOT a Highstreet Salon and you are looking for something relaxing and comfortable then you should come a visit and see whether this is the salon for you.

I hope to see you soon and you can come and enjoy the passion that I have for nails and Lashes.


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