Its Time to be selfish!!

I always thought that you couldn’t be selfish and you should always put others first, however I am starting to realise that putting yourself first in certain times is not a bad thing, in-fact it could be just what you need. Don’t worry this is not a post to tell you all to get treatments from me to look after yourself (although that’s not a bad idea!!) its actually about my commitment to myself.

January has allowed me to see what is really important and not to stress about the things that really dont matter that much. Usually day to day stuff that drive you crazy and worrying way to much about paying bills that I miss out on the fun and important stuff. I have decided that this year I am going to:

  1. Commit to myself
  2. Laugh more
  3. Go on more adventures

but what does that all mean???????

Well Commit to myself I am going to get healthy and i am finally going to loose the weight that I have been saying I will loose since having my son…….nearly 8 years ago!!!!!!! I have started a program today that I have used before and lost over 35lbs in 90 days. Its not about losing weight fast its about losing weight in a healthy way that is manageable to be able to keep off FOREVER. I am going to take you along for the ride and show you all the ups and downs I have and it might be something you want to do with me. We shall see what happens, I weighed this morning and i shall so every Sunday morning.

This weeks weight : 14 stone 5lbs

Laugh more, this is a big one for me, over the last few years I have lost the ability to laugh, everything has become so serious. I am a full time single mum (no dad to take the kids at the weekend!!) I have a start up business which is in its 6th month and I am quite frankly knackered lol. I juggle the kids school stuff or nursery stuff, where everyone needs to be on a daily basis with the right clothes and I have forgotten to collect a child at the wrong time!! The bills and household stuff, car maintenance and garden duties, everything is a bit of a blur most of the time. I have forgotten who to live in the moment and enjoy something my kids do that is funny or forgotten to laugh at those moments you really should take time to laugh at, even when it comes to laughing at myself!

Go on more adventures, I find that sometimes the kids and I just do stuff at home or in the garden and never really go out and enjoy the countryside that is on our doorstep. Like just a simple walk out in the woods where we are intrepid adventurers looking for hidden treasure or trying to escape the evil villian trying to take out maps that lead the way. Its not about going and spending loads of money on a weekend away but embracing the adventure we can create.

So these are my goals and plans for the next few months and then review how they are going. Every Sunday will be the day that  I review the week and let you know how its been. People may not read this but it is a chance for me to get those thoughts out of my head as if I am writing to a friend on a different planet, I may even include some videos so you can see what we are up to.

So here is to week 1 on my journey to a happier, healthier life xx

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